Getting ready for a show is always exciting. Not only are there paintings to paint, there is all the background stuff to do like paperwork, updating the website and social media, labels, packing, display and so on. I am one of those artists that likes a little pressure, and yes, I often finish a painting for the show the day before.

That final step, the one that makes all your work shine and gives it the polished look, varnishing. Once I have varnished a painting I am just so pleased! I'm done and it was usually a fantastic journey.

Do I like varnishing? Hells no!! Have I wrecked paintings, including ones I have toiled over and am super pleased with? Absolutely. Do I cry? Sometimes. Is it a fact of life as an artist? You bet. There are lots of us out there that dislike varnishing and equally lots that do. All I am sayin' is "oh varnish."